Living Memorial

Lentz Funeral Home has taken great pride in offering bereaved families a tree as a living memorial. We often assist in planting these trees at a home, a favorite spot the deceased enjoyed, or in a place that has a demand for new trees.

The existence of these trees brings comfort and hope. They will ensure that generations to come will know the beauty of a green plant. It serves as a legacy to honor a life well-lived.

This tree was planted in LuVerne in memory of Jack Guy. Jack attended country school in this school house. His mother also attended school here and his grandmother had taught here. This school house was located five miles northwest of LuVerne. On July 30, 1992, Jack helped bring this school house into LuVerne. He made the foundation for the building and spent a lot of time and work on the inside of the school house.

We want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on Mom - I'm glad my siblings were able to see her like that. We enjoyed the new service folders and have sent them along with the thank you's. I spoke with Roger Wilson and I assured him he could leave feeling the funeral home was in good hands. You are a welcome asset to our community.

5 stars

Thank you so much for all you did in helping us in our grieving for mom, and planning her funeral service. We appreciated your spending so much time and being so understanding.

5 stars

Thank you for the excellent job you did for Rex's funeral and for helping me through it all. Did I tell you Rex looked so beautiful and so at peace to me?

5 stars